Thursday, July 30, 2009

BELLY x Lil Kim + Friends!!

This past weekend in M.I.A. was crazy!!
I flew down there 3 weeks ago to kick it with the team, and I never wanted to leave. The weather, the people, the work, the vibe....just made a great environment.
You'll be reading a lot from me [Lola] in the future as I am now part of the 7Days n 7 Nights blog team!

So let me brief you on what you missed this past weekend in MIA
Lil Kim had a birthday weekend and of course CP Records was out from Thursday to Sunday celebrating. We went from Mansion, Liv, Take One, Boat Cruise, Karu & Y, Tootsies, King of Diamonds and back to Mansion all in 4 days. Some of the people we partied with were Lil Kim, Lisa Raye, Bryant Mckinnie, Trina, Lil Scrappy, Busta Rhymes, DJ Clue, S&S, Gravy and many more. Check out the pictures to see how it went down!

Belly, Zoe and Kim having a good time at Mansion

Belly and Lil Kim at Mansion

Belly and Scrappy at Mansion

Belly and Bryant Mckinnie at Mansion

Belly, Zoe and Busta Rhymes on Lil Kim's private B-day Boat Cruise

Tony Sal, Belly and I outside of Mansion

The guys at the boat cruise...

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