Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welco ME back!!

I'm back...its been a minute tryna figure out what road to take, and I still don't know.. but I think that's why I'm back; to figure out what the fuck I'm here for. After everything I accomplished in Canada, strangely I still felt unaccomplished. Maybe because everything i did happened right after Massari pissed in the well he used to drink from. It fueled my fire... 4 MMVA's, 2 Junos, and countless gold and platinum records from shit I wrote or am still writing for ( Massari -self titled-, The Revolution -Belly-, Intro -Danny Fernandes-, All that I know -Carl Henry-, Santilli -Ivana Santilli, Chris Labelle and more)... becoming the highest selling independent rap artist of the decade in Canada.. touring with Snoop and Ice Cube.. being featured on CNN, FOXNews, Reuters TV, Associated Press for speaking my mind on "History of Violence" (the video that AVN banned)..doing the Hip Hop summits with Russell Simmons and many others............ but something was still missing.. in the process of all this... I retreated to my cave.. the studio.. writing everybody else's shit.. started feeling like a factory.. dont get me wrong the money is beyond great.. but i started losing the passion. To be honest... I was uninspired.. I tried to leave but i couldn't walk away on what I love so much.. but i'm glad.. cause i finally know what this means to me but more importantly what i mean to IT. So welcome me back.. cause i definitely am... Every Friday I'm dropping a new record right here.. and everyday, I'm updating.. I know it's not Friday but consider this a bonus for the week.. Thank you all for never letting me leave...


  1. "Massari pissed in the well he used to drink from"

    LOL. Amazingly said.

  2. Thx tuh you we got many doors opened to the Canadian music industry. And me, as a hater free & professional dude, i say keep doin ya thing homie!! I see you!! Thx for helping on gettin' Canadian hiphop recognized!!! 613 reppa!!